Administration 2.0: Using blogs, wikis, twitter as an administrator.

History – Introduction-

Audience survey- 10
Who you are?
Where are you from?
Use of technology?

Who we are and how we got here.

Our Journey

Disrupting Class-Clayton Christensen, Curtis W. Johnson, Michael B. Horn
Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink -- Malcolm Gladwell
Wikinomics- Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams
The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman
Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED)
Pranav Mistry

Web Pages

Bay Trail Middle School Web Page


Google Reader -- example


Winton's Blog

John's Blog

Other blogs


TLT Wiki
Penfield Leadership Retreat
Bay Trail Wiki


For whom do we tweet?

Current plans and thoughts.

How do we want to be sharing information/
Do we need consistency across Houses, Departments?
How do we support the innovators?