Classroom Blogging

What is classroom blogging and why is it a useful instructional tool for educators and students? Blogging offers increased writing opportunities, interactive conversation, peer review, and broadens the audience engages students in the writing process.

Blogs in Plain English by the Common Craft Show

Classroom - Working Example

Hands-On Exploration

Getting Started

  • Classroom-centered (whole class) vs. Student-Centered (individual student blogs)
  • Parental Awareness/Education/Permission
  • Discussions with students: Why & How
  • Fashioning Function
  • Kids Explore
  • Posting/Commenting


10 Ways to Use a Blog

  1. Post materials and resources - Daily slides/notes - AP Calculus AB
  2. Host Online Discussions
  3. Create a Class Publication - Room 208
  4. Replace Your Newsletter - Room 208
  5. Get Students Blogging
  6. Share Lesson Plans
  7. Integrate Multimedia of Various Forms
  8. Organize, Organize, Organize
  9. Seek Feedback - Ask questions in posts seeking answers from readers
  10. Create a Fully Functional Website

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