Creating Media Rich Tours in Google Earth

Google Earth
Google Earth

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Room G28
Brian C. Smith
Experience Google Earth like never before by creating engaging content for others to experience. During this session, participants will have hands-on opportunities to create their own virtual tour which includes text, photo, video. Skills, knowledge and applications to learning will be discussed and shared.


We'll take some time to become familiar, or more familiar, with Google Earth.
  • Navigating screens (web browser w/tabs, Google Earth, file windows)
  • GE Interface (Search, Places, Layers)



Start to think about a family trip, a classroom event/field trip or your life's travels to
  • Lifetime of Travel
  • Build a tour of your favorite travel spots or where you've been throughout your life.

Mise en Place

  • Create a list of places to tour
  • Collect a few images from Creative Commons Search
  • Search YouTube for a video or two of one place

Build It

  • Create Tour folder
  • Drop placemarks
  • Add


  • Record
  • Sharing (via web site or network folders)


Tutorials & Help

Google Earth - TechHelp
This wiki article will guide us through the entire process of creating our Google Earth tours. Please use this as a reference as you proceed during the TLT Conference session and in the future.

User guide to Google Earth
This is the official user guide from Google. Google's help and support sites are excellent.

Sample Files: