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Twitter Assignment:
Over the next week, four groups in the class are going to write a Twitter story. You are expected to contribute between 8 and 12 times, and you can not make consecutive posts. Your story should follow the following guidelines:
  • "Don't say no"--accept what is happening.
  • On the other hand, try to avoid out of the blue revelations. Keep some sense of coherence.
  • Try to maintain a voice
  • Build to a climax.
  • Try to include some emotional investment in the character(s) and events.
Based on your assignment in class, you will use the hashtag:

Sound/Video/Image project
You will create a 1-3 minute video that tells a story.

You may follow one of two approaches:
  1. You can create (another) personal story, like your first podcast. You may use video (or old digitized video), shoot photos, and either create narration in Garageband or simply use the sound in the video you shoot, or use a combination.
  2. You can create an advertisement for a company that is called "Kinda" (short "i"). I'm not telling you what the company does, and it doesn't matter. You job is to create "goodwill" for the company.
You may follow the style of a documentary (with narration or with interviews), a music video (use non-copyrighted music or a fair use mix), a fiction/reenactment (second option only), or a narrated, fiction-like story.

Number of shots, use of new or found footage, software in which the editing occurs, number of edits/transitions is entirely up to you. Credits are encouraged for option #1, but should be relatively short.

When you are finished, please upload the video to youtube and tweet the URL with the hashtag #comm260video.

Story Podcast
Each student will create a 3-5 minute podcast (MP3 format) which tells a non-fiction story. The story should be told through one voice and (legally used) music and will likely be created in Garageband*. Students are encouraged to tell the story about a family member, close friend, or someone/thing they feel strongly. The podcast must be available on podbean (or other site which hosts podcasts).

The story must include such elements as a clear point of view, dramatic question (conflict), emotional content, engaging voice quality and variation in rhythm, tone, and tempo. The listener/viewer should connect to the story. Students are encourage to practice their delivery and make multiple attempts at a quality recording.

You should Twitter your podcast URL (not the feed) to #comm260podcast.

  • Students wishing to use another program, like Audacity, may do so.

Edited Opinion Podcast
For this assignment, you will create a 2-5 minute podcast about ONE of these three topics:
1) How digital media has led to less patience in helping the Haitian people after the Earthquake.
2) How the media has dealt with the Tiger Woods "situation".
3) How President Obama has succeeded or not succeeded in his first year.

In class, everyone created both individual and group discussions about these topics. These are stored in the COM261 folder on smb://w2k3cj

You are to use this footage in anyway you wish to tell your version of this "digital story."
You can add your own objective or subjective narration.

This podcast can resemble a newscast, editorial commentary, sound collage, spoken word song or take any format that you think allows you to best express the meaning you want to convey.

  • When you are finished, upload to your podbean account.

Twitter hashtag: #naztlt

Google docs:


Creative Commons:

by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Let the blow fall soon or late,
Let what will be o'er me;
Give the face of earth around
And the road before me.
Wealth I seek not, hope nor love,
Nor a friend to know me;
All I seek, the heaven above
And the road below me.