Since Googling has turned into a verb, what have you done with it? We will look at how teachers are using Google products in classrooms with students, and also for professional learning. Do you have a PLN or Personal Learning Network? We will show you how to start by using Google Reader! Do you wish you could collaborate with students or colleagues on a document? We will show you how using Google Docs! Do you wish you could get better search results? We will show you some tips and tricks using Google's search engine! Do you wish that your students would understand their digital footprint? We will show you some resources to provide support for them, and how Google is playing a role!

Erin Ells * * Twitter & Delicious: erinells
Jeremy Peters *

Overview of Google...why it's does a lot of stuff
Use as a calculator
Google Notebook
Translate sites
Movie Reviews/Showtimes
Mac/Linux/Microsoft searches
Inside Google
Holiday Logos
Flights, time zones, currency
List of Google Products

Sign up for an account - need e-mail address that you can get to

Google Documents

Google Docs in Plain EnglishNew, upload, form, sharing
How to use it in the classroom

Google Reader

Google Reader in Plain English
RSS feeds - orange chiclet
Suggestions for Professional Learning
Suggestions for student use

Google Searching
Advanced searching
Language tools
Google Images - advanced
Show, wonder wheel

Google Labs
Symphony - Eastman Student

Digital Footprint