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Thank you for presenting at the annual TLT Conference! The TLT Conference Committee has created this space for you to use to share information, resources and media around your presentation. A page for your session will be created for use by you and your participants. There is no expectation that presenters use this space, however, it is a powerful way to share your presentation slides, media and contact information.

In addition, we've again added tags for each session at the TLT Summer Conference. Each session has been assigned a unique tag that identifies information published on the web relating to those presentations. Tags will be located on the session pages of the wiki along side the title of the session. We ask that you please add the session tag to your specific session page if you add to it. This will help direct more traffic to the specific page with your content, resources and contact information.

Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and information with TLT.

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Embedding Media (Video, etc.)
Adding Photos


Tagging is a useful tool for filtering information on the web. Using a unique tag, web users can search and subscribe to information based on the tag. Each TLT conference should have tags associated with each session. While TLT will help create, link and share unique tags, the content linked to each tag is up to the community to produce and tag in the form of blog posts, photos, videos and other online content.

Global Tags: TLTNY, TLTNY(yy),
Global tags are helpful when searching the web for any content related to content related to TLT as a whole or specific conferences (i.e. TLTNY09)

Session Tags:
Session tags allow easy searching or tracking of information or online conversation about specific sessions from a conference or event. Unique tags help to uniquely identify sessions from other similar sessions and provide a link between presenter's, attendees and searchers of content in the future.

Tracking Your Session
More and more attendees (and virtual attendees) are blogging, sharing photos and video and joining conversations about sessions they attend or see online. This not only adds to the conference experience, it's a powerful way to follow up with attendees, track the impact of your presentation, clarify any points of confusion, or participate in healthy online debates on blogs.

Sites like Technorati, Google Blog Search, Flickr, YouTube, & TeacherTube all provide tag searching and web feeds for tags. Try it out, type in your (or another presenter's) session's unique tag (i.e. TLTNY090804 or TLTNY09) to search for what attendees have published about your session.

The best way to make use of tags is to subscribe to tags using an RSS aggregator such as Google Reader, Bloglines or personalized web portals such as Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo!, and Windows Live Personalized Experience. Simply copy the RSS feed external image 120px-Feed-icon.svg.png(web feed) of the tag you wish to track/subscribe to and paste it in your web portal or RSS aggregator of choice. You will then be able to view new published content related to your tag (or any other).